International Consumer Product Safety Caucus
"Enhanced international regulatory cooperation can improve the safety of products reaching our consumers, which is the mission of the Tripartite Participants."
Trilateral Summit 2012

"Promoting consumer product safety is the common objective of consumer product safety authorities worldwide."
Trilateral Summit 2012

"Seamless surveillance is of great importance to enhancing international consumer product safety."
Trilateral Summit 2012

"The tripartite participants confirm that the ability of global

supply chains to deliver safe products to the consumer is paramount."

Declaration China, EU and the USA October 2010

"Product safety is a focal area of mutual concern"
Trilateral Declaration, China, EU and the USA, September 2008

"Consumer safety is a vitally important public issue"
Bethesda Declaration 2006
Update February 2014
The ICPSC was the only global platform for consumer product safety regulators and market surveillance authorities. Read more here. Since February 2014 the substantive work items from the ICPSC have been transferred to the OECD Working Party on Consumer Product Safety. Please refer to the OECD web site for further details of the work of the Working Party. 

Recent and upcoming meetings of the ICPSC
The last ICPSC took place in Washington in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of ICPHSO. More information on the ICPHSO event can be found here The next meeting will take place in October in Australia in conjunction with meetings of the OECD and ICPHSO. More information here.

Second ICPSC Annual Report

The ICPSC has produced its second annual report. The report details the many activities of the ICPSC during 2012 and can be downloaded here

ICPSC Members feature heavily at ICPHSO 

The ICPSC and its Members were centre stage at the ICPHSO meeting last February. See our news page for further details.

OECD workshop on risk assessment, 20 April 2012

On 20 April 2012, the OECD Working Party on Consumer Product Safety held a workshop on risk assessment in Tel-Aviv, Israel. For more information please click here.

Panel Discussion on Product Defect Reporting February 2011
The ICPSC organized a panel discussion on Mandatory Reporting of Product Defects during the annual meeting and training symposium of ICPHSO, the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization. More information on the session can be found on our web-page.

Open Information Session December 2010
The ICPSC held an Open Information Session during the third International Product Safety Week held in Brussels in December 2010. The session provided a platform for updates of the activities of the recently launched OECD Working Party on Consumer Product safety, and the recall approaches project from ISO, the International Organization for Standardization and for a perspective on international toy safety requirements alignment efforts from Stephen Russell the Secretary-General of ANEC .

Workshop February 2010 
The ICPSC held a Workshop in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of ICPHSO. The Workshop focussed on recall effectiveness carrying on the dialogue begun in Orlando last February and continued in Stockholm in September 2009. Information exchange and the results of the OECD work were also discussed. 

Conference on Product Traceability and Tracking Labels
Seventy-four delegates from twenty countries gathered in Stockholm Sweden on the 10th of September for the ICPSC International Conference on Product Traceability and Tracking Labels. Regulators and interested stakeholders from around the world discussed the latest regulatory and policy developments in this important area. The presentations are now available from our web-page.